We are centrally located along the E39 just outside Ørsta Sentrum (towards Volda).



Travel by car


From Trondheim

Alternative 1:  E39 North. 3 Ferries. 327 Km.

Alternative 2:  E6 to Dombås, E163 to Ålesund and  E39 to Ørsta. 1 Ferry. 460 Km.

Alternative 3:  E6 to Oppdal, RV70 to Sunndalsøra, RV62 to Molde and E39 to Ørsta. 2 Ferries. 397 Km.


From Bergen

Alternative 1:  E39 north. 3 Ferries. 327 Km.


From Oslo

Alternative 1:  E6 north to Otta, RV15 to Nordfjordeid and E39 to Ørsta. 570 Km. 



Travel by bus


Travel by airplane


Travel by train

Express bus from most towns in the country (via Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim).Daily departures and arrivals from Oslo and Bergen (via Sogndal). Check with the nearest travel agency or widerøe.From Oslo and Trondheim you can travel by train to Åndalsnes and further by bus to Ørsta via Ålesund / Spjelkavik.