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Ivar Aasen tunet

A beautiful 35 kilometres long fjord surrounded by sharpedged and vertical mountains up to 1600 meters above sealevel.

The home of the famous poet and linguist Ivar Aasen, with a new and exiting cultural spectrum for New Norwegian language and writing


Peakroute – Standalseide
The Follestadalen and further up the mountains. If you wish so, you can go by horse and wagon. More information here.
Norangsvalley / Route of Queens
One of Norways narrowest valleys in Norway, with among others, Lyngstøylsvatnet, which was created when a rock fall dammed the river in 1908. You can still see the houses on the botton of the lake. At Skylstra you enter trough a nature-kathrdral, "built" by peaks like Skruven, Slogen, Litlehorn, Smørskredtindane og Jakta. A total of seven european queens have travelled trough Norangsvalley.
The troja castle on Grøthornet
A low, rock labyrinth at Grøthornet on Daleheia about 900 meters above sealevel. Labyrinths like these is called "troja castles", and you find more like this one several places in Europe, but this is the only known one between Finnmark in the far north of norway and Oslofjorden. It dates to the bronzeage or the beginning of the elder iron-age (1500 before birth of christ).
Millhouse at Skorgeelva
Three restored houses. Contact John Welle for more information on telephone: 73 06 64 14.
Resored houses on Bjørke
A 125 year old house and an about 400 year old tingstove on the yards on Bjørke. Contact Perry Bjørke or Kari Ann Bjørke on telephone: 70 04 02 53 for more information or guiding.
Restored mill
Restored mill (1804) and kvelvingsbridge (1864) on outer Standal

Fishing and hunting museum on Vartdal
Contact Per Inge Myklebust for a tour on telephone: 70 04 23 13 / 70 04 21 50.
Farmvisit on Trandal
A nice excursion for families with children. Telehpone 70 06 15 52. Karin Trandal and Per Jarle Trandal.
Villagemuseum with nature and culturepath.
Bjørdalsvatnet, "Huldrestien"
Wonderful naturearea and perfect familytrip both with bicycles or baby buggies. Great birdlife!
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