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In Ørsta and surrounding areas there's large selection of activities you can partisipate in. You will find some of them on this site.

Mountain trips

Ørsta and the sunnmøre-alps offers an eldorado for all forms of mountain trips - both summer and wintertime. And these are not only extreme locations for walking in the mountains, but this area also has moderate locations on allmost all levels. You can find a tourguide here: here.


Sunnmøre and the region in general offers good huntingconditions for deerhunting and "småvilt"?
Contact us here for more information.


If you are seeking more challenges is Molladalen worth a visit. Here you can find about 60 different routes with degree from 3-7. Other locations like the Kyrkjesteinen in Skorgeura (degree 3-8), Toskefloget (degree 7-8) or one of the climbing fields in Hjartåberga/Aldalen could surely be worth a visit. Some of the locations contains climbing. For guided trips og courses, you can contact Sunalp.


Volda Ørsta flyklubb runs a club for flying interested and offers flying lessons with motor- and micro-planes.


Volda og Ørsta Himmelseglarlag has several jumpspots in the region, and offers also tandemjumps and paragliding-courses. Contact Himmelseglarane (skysailors) for more information.


Sand beaches and open areas right by the camping gives you the option of recreation and relaxsation. Other bathingspots lies in the area and you can find good spots at Hovdevatnet, Vaulen right by Rjåneset or Vatnesanden right by the beautiful Vatnevatnet.

Horseback riding

Brudevoll farm (telephone: 70 06 71 05) har fjordhorses for rent, and arranges trips in forestterrain and mountainterrain. If you rather want to try a trip with horse and wagon between the alps of Sunnmøre, you can contact Kolås skysstasjon (Myklebustsetra) on telephone: 70 06 85 18.


At wintertime this area is a true eldorado for skiing for all difficultiues, with many ski centres and mountain tops.

Other options

The area is well placed for daytrips to for example Runde, the beautiful fjords of Geiranger, Hjørundfjorden, Norangsdalen, Briksdalsbreen, Ålesund or vestkapp/Stadt.
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